Fight for fitness: Easy weight-loss tips

The Global pandemic of Corona has taken a toll on our health. Staying fit in these times has never been more imperative. It does not only have numerous health benefits but also helps in aiding positive mental health. A lot of people these days try to lose weight by trying fad diets and unhealthy ways. It harms their body and has long term side effects on their health. Therefore one must lose weight steadily and gradually. A change in lifestyle and good eating habits can aid in losing those extra inches and keep other health issues at bay.


Here are a few quick tips:


Eating nutrient-dense food

The saying rightly goes that You are what you eat. The secret to a healthy body and mind is a healthy diet. Therefore, one must consume food rich in nutrients like whole grains, dairy, lean meats and nuts and seeds.


 Regular physical exercise                       

One must include any form of physical exercise/activity as a part of their daily fitness routine. Any form of diet will not work if you do not exercise and burn calories daily. Choose an activity like swimming, dancing, cycling, walking or gym that suits your lifestyle the best.


Avoid aerated/sweetened Beverages

Avoid having hundreds of empty calories in the form of calories sweetened soda, tea, packed juice or alcohol. One must try to have healthy drinks like coconut water, natural fruit juices, green tea or simply water that will help in boosting immunity, aiding in weight loss and added benefits of improving skin and hair health.

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