Perfect pantry: 6 Essential ingredients every kitchen needs

With the onset of the pandemic, most of us are stuck inside our homes. It has become crucial now more than ever that we focus on our health and eat home-cooked meals. This time has not only given us an exciting opportunity to create new recipes but also to keep a check on our health by adding healthy ingredients to our food. This article will provide you with a list of the ten most essential items required in your kitchen to lift up your food and your mood.

Oil- Cooking for every meal starts with a tablespoon of this crucial ingredient. You can have different kinds for different meals like olive oil for salads, mustard oil for cooking and light olive oil for sautéing.

Spices- What’s life without some spice? For the extra oomph to your dishes add a pinch or two of your favourite spice. Any dish is incomplete without these fragrant and flavoursome ingredients.

Rice- This soft, luscious and smooth staple is a perfect side with any gravy. It is a must for every kitchen. If you’re ever bored with plain old rice, you could also make a delicious stir fry or an exciting aromatic risotto for your next meal.

Flour Flour is something every home cook needs. From baking bread to cooking chapatis, baking biscuits to making sweets it is one thing every kitchen must-have.

Cheese-Cheese is hard to miss. From cheddar to mozzarella, gouda to feta, this ingredient has a place in our hearts and our kitchen forever. You can make a sauce, eat it raw, garnish your salads or put a slice in your sandwiches or even use it in baking.

Nuts and seeds- This healthy fitness-friendly ingredient is the golden ticket to good health internally and externally. Nuts like almonds, cashews, pistachios and walnuts are a must-have in winters for keeping oneself warm and skin and hair healthy. Seeds like pumpkin, sunflower, chia are also beneficial for overall health and keeping many illnesses at bay.

Make your MEALS even better and grab these essentials now.

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