Ques 1: When was Fresh and Organic Delivery founded?
FRESH AND ORGANIC INC has established in 2020 with a thought of bringing modernization in the products and it's deliveries. An organization whose only motto is to deliver all the grocery and other gourmet foods at your doorstep with on exclusive offers and on affordable prices.
Ques 2: What are the modes of payment?
Cash on Delivery (on min order)
Debit card
Credit card
Ques 3: Is it safe to use my credit/ debit card on freshandorganicdelivery.com?
Yes, absolutely it's safe to use the card on www.freshandorganicdelivery.com. Recent information directed from RBI which makes it mandatory to have an additional authentication pass code verified by VISA or Master Secure Code entered by online shoppers while paying online using credit/debit cards.
Ques 4: Are there any other charges/ taxes in addition to the price shown?
All the taxes are included in the MRP of products (shown in the order invoices generated at the time of checkout). No additional taxes are added.
Ques 5: What if my package is opened/tampered?
Feel free to connect @freshandorganicdelivery, please don't accept the delivery. Raise the request via generating on email at freshandorganicdelivery@gmail.com. We will confirm your request and arrange a fresh delivery within 48 hours.
Ques 6: How do I check the status of my complaint?
We constantly provide updates on your complaint status and provide you the solution with working 72 hours.
Ques 7: What are the benefits of regular customers?
We have exciting offers and discounts on our products for our regular customers.
Ques 8: How to contact customer care?
To get in touch, write to us on freshandorganicdelivery@gmail.com
Ques 9: Do I have to order daily?
It totally depends on your daily consumption of products, but we will be glad to provide regular services to your orders.
Ques 10: What is COD?
"Cash on Delivery" is only available at minimum order prices and maximum order prices. 
The rate of the products can be changed without prior information notice. 
Ques 11: How will the products be stored?
For every product the storage guidelines are mentioned in the bio of the product else can connect us freshandorganicdelivery@gmail.com
*For Raw products it's recommended that once the packed is open should be transferred into an airtight container and should be store in cool/dry place.
Ques 12: How to use the product "Kadha By Grandma?"
Information is already provided in the bio of the product else an information tag is placed in the packaging and will guide you on how to make, ingredients used, and how to be stored?
Ques 13: How to use the products ordered at Fresh and Organic Delivery?
Can unpack and store accordingly.
With every product a bio is attached which answers all your question. 
For further queries, please contact at freshandorganicdelivery@gmail.com
Ques 14: How to order?
Any individual/ customer can place the order by logging at www.freshandorganicdelivery.com else can directly leave a message at Instagram @freshandorganicdelivery
Ques 15: How will the product be delivered?
Proper sanitization methods have been adopted to keep the material, place, and storage free from disinfectants. The product once ordered will be delivered within working 48 hours at your doorstep.
Ques 16: How to order via Facebook or Instagram?
By following our page and to email a 10% discount on your first order. You can tag our brand in your story. 
Ques 17: What are your shipping charges?
It differs from area to area and depending on the value of the product/ products ordered. It will be added at the time of the checkout.