Healthysthan - Fiery Peanuts (Roasted Chilly Garlic Peanuts) - High Protein, All Natural, Hearty Fats (225 grams)

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- AWESOME WHOLESOME : Dry roasted peanuts seasoned with garlic powder and rock salt for irresistible flavor. (In the healthiest way possible!)- PROTEIN MORE THAN PANEER : Your muscles are gonna thank you for this one. High means high 23.5 grams protein per 100 grams!- ROASTED TO PERFECTION : Naah naah.. Nothing is fried here. Finely roasted peanuts, roasted at perfect temperature to maintain nutritive value.- GUILT FREE MUNCHING : For those moments of the day when your mind wants to cheat but your fitness goals are on peak. No cholesterol or trans fat, just real food.- BAD STUFF HATE US : No added sugar, preservatives, additives, artificial colors, artificial flavours and other bad stuff you have ever heard of.- PACKAGE CONTENT : Fiery Peanuts (225 g) in a resealable zip pouch.