Sweet Hamper

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1.Soft Coconut Jaggery Chikki
2.Dink Ladoo: High-energy Gondh Snack
3.Mahua Ladoo: Forest Flower and Jaggery Nutri Ball
4.Jumbo Black Raisins: Nashik's Famed Seedless Kismis
Chikki, India’s favourite sweet snack, gets a delicious makeover in our Soft Coconut Jaggery Chikki made with nutritious coconut and mineral-rich liquid jaggery. Our answer to the energy bar, it's also kinder to your teeth thanks to its plump, crumbly texture. Pop one when peckish.
The Dink Ladoo is a nutritious sweet that offers the body warmth and energy. Made from natural, edible tree gum, the addition of spices, ghee, crunchy nuts and seeds lends it a flavour that’s befitting its goodness. Often gifted by loving aunts to a new mother, the Dink Ladoo is considered a post-partum superfood. For the rest of you, it's a guilt-free sweet you can pop when craving kicks in.
A lost flower with an intoxicating fragrance that's sweet and iron-rich is at the centre of these ladoos that are made by tribals in the Nandurbar belt. Foraged by adivasis, the Mahua flower is packed with vitamins, phosphorus and calcium. It also has cooling properties, making it an ideal and nutritious after-meal dessert or at-work energy booster.
Dried and seedless, these plump, sweet-tart raisins come from the grape capital of India. Have a few every morning to improve skin health and digestion, stem acidity and boost iron and minerals. Vaaleli kaali drakshe fried in ghee are a wonderful topping for pulao, korma, ladoo and kheer. We like them steeped in tipple overnight to make a batch of rum and raisin ice cream.