Savoury Hamper

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1.Solapuri Peanut Chutney

2.Kolhapuri Green Chilli Chutney

3.Aaji's Favourite Papads: Batata | Nachni | Poha 

4.Home Orchard-Grown Mango Pickle

Shengdana or Peanut Chutney holds pride of place in the Maharashtrian thali. The best recipe comes from Solapur where peanuts grow in abundance and are added to meals and pressed into oil. Eaten around the year, it goes well with snacks like Thalipeeth (multi-grain flatbread), or even chapati-bhaaji and Varan Bhaat (dal rice). In a cuisine characterised by bold flavours, this mild, dry chutney with a nutty taste has a unique place in the Maharashtrian heart.

Kolhapuri Green Chilli Chutney or Maharashtra’s rustic green thecha is simple enough to make it to the farmer’s humble lunch box. A rudimentary crush of potent green chilli, coriander and garlic pounded in a mortar pestle, it goes well with Thalipeeth (multigrain flatbread) and Varan Bhaat (dal rice). Want to make desi garlic bread? Spread a wee bit on slices of baguette, drizzle olive oil and pop in the oven.

Papad is an indispensable member of the Maharshtrian thali, topping the list of sun-dried accompaniments associated with the state’s cuisine. We thought why try one when you can enjoy them all. Made from a variety of flours and flavours, this assortment includes a splendid mix of taste, texture and colour: Batata (potato), Nachni (finger millet) and Poha (flattened rice). Lasts months if stored well in an airtight container.

This lonche or pickle has chunky pieces of green mango marinated in a grainy mix of red chilli, peanut oil, jaggery and split mustard dal giving it an unmistakable zingy kick. A traditional recipe of the Bhil tribals of Dhule, it uses a desi mango variety with thickish skin that naturally enhances its shelf life minus any preservatives. Have a lick, smack your lips and go, 'Chatakdaar!'