Earthen Story Organic Bajra Flour, 1kg | Certified Organic | Stone Ground | 100% Whole Grain | Gluten Free

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CERTIFIED ORGANIC: The grains used are organic i.e. grown without artificial chemicals STONE GROUND using traditional stone grinding machines instead of modern steel rollers to retain the maximum amount of natural oils and minerals.

100% WHOLE GRAIN FLOUR: We do NOT use any additives, bleach or preservatives. No Undue processing. WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Helps in avoiding constipation and obesity. Helps in diabetes and weight management and works as a prebiotic.

OTHER USES: Rich source of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and beneficial plant chemicals. Use bajra atta to make bajra roti, vada, thepla, rotla, bhakri, upma, idli, khakhra, ladoo, laddu, and puri.