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  • GOND KATIRA: Also known as Tragacanth gum, It is a natural gum obtained from the saps of locoweed plant. It naturally emanates in the form of a twisted crystal, which swells up when mixed with water
  • HEALTH GAIN FACTOR: Rich in calcium, magnesium, and protein, it is widely used in traditional medicine for burns. It is cooling in nature and a drink made from gond katira is the perfect thing to beat the heat. Gond Kateera Is A Natural Cooling Agent And Relieves The Body Heat. It Is Used In Preparing Summer Drinks
  • FEEL-GOOD FACTOR: It is commonly used as a base for condiments, dressings for salads, sauces, and mayonnaise. Gond katira also works to thicken ice creams, to make pudding, laddoos and it's even used for cake decorations.
  • BENEFITS: Good for lactating mothers and pregnant women. It Also Combats Constipation Because Of Its Purgative Properties. High Effective To Prevent Heat Strokes, Nasal Bleeding, Best During Pregnancy And Healthy Glowing Skin
  • NOTE: Unpack the ingredient in a closed vessel and add water to it. (For 2-3 tsp tsp/1-2 glasses of water). Keep it overnight so that the Gond Katira can actually grow up to its size and will have a similar look like "small white crystals".