Masala Trail Mix

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Ingredients: Peanuts (30%), Cranberry (18%), Dark Raisins (18%), Almonds (13%), Pumpkin Seeds (13%), Lemon (7%), Eight blend seasoning. That's it.

Flavourful mix of nutritious nuts, seeds, and dry fruits. Absolutely go to snack anytime of the day.

Why you'll love it?            

- Great healthy snack for a mid-day/evening pick me up

- Every bite is a little bit savoury and a little bit sweet

- Will help you feel fuller longer

- 100% healthy snack - so you can snack guilt free!

- We handbake it with love, especially for you

Why is it healthy?

- 17% Protein! All natural

- Rich in Omega-3

- Gluten Free

- Vegan

- No TransFat, No Cholesterol

- No junk - No artificial sugar, no oil and no preservatives