Ragi Apple Almond Porridge Mix

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1. 100% Natural Porridge mix with no added flavours, preservatives, chemicals or milk solids.

2. Contains real apple, makhana, pumpkin seeds and Almonds - foods that help in brain development in kids

3. Ragi is Sprouted & Roasted to improve nutrition

4. Ready to Cook: Just cook in water for 3-5 minutes while stirring continuously (to avoid lumps).

5. This contains ZERO added sugar or salt. If needed for taste, jaggery/salt/honey/dates can be added additionally. You can also add mashed vegetables or fruits for a tasty and healthy meal

6. Store in a dry cool container as the mix has no preservatives

7. Consult your pediatrician before starting any new diet if you are using this as baby food ( > 6Months)