Lemon Pickle

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Traditionally Handmade: Barosi Lemon Pickle is hand made using traditional age-old methods with Indian spices and fresh Lemon slices


Oil & Preservative-free: Barosi Lemon Pickle is made without using any Oils or Preservatives, using authentic ingredients of Kagzi Lemons, Cinnamon & Cumin Seeds


Amazing Flavour: Diced Juicy Lemons are marinated in spices and preserved in their own juices. They add a lip-smacking flavour & taste to every meal they are paired with


Healthy Bite: Barosi Lemon Pickle is Oil free. It is a good source of Vitamin C. It also helps in digestion, cures nausea, avoids loss of appetite and motion sickness.


Serving Suggestion: Pair it with hot paranthas, a meal of dal chawal, add a tinge of tanginess to your khichdi or add some sweet & sour flavour to your breakfast of poha or upma - have it the way your heart desires and we promise you delight with every bite.