Keeros Healthy Roasted Super Snack - Combo Pack of Multigrain, Multi Seeds Mix & Quinoa Grain Snack (Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Protein Rich Museli/Ready to Eat Snacks), Combo of 3 (2x250g+200g)

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READY TO EAT, TASTY & SUPER NUTRITIOUS SNACKS : These Low GI, Sugar free, High Protein snacks are Healthy for All & Diabetic Friendly too.

MULTIGRAIN, a lightly salted deliciously healthy combination of Pearl Millets & 5 other roasted super grains.

MULTISEED, a slightly sweet healthy roasted mix of Dry Dates & 4 other super seeds.

QUINOA GRAIN, a lightly spiced & delightfully healthy combination of Quinoa puffs & 4 other roasted super grains.