Bebe Burp Grandma's Super Puffs Quinoa Arabic Herbs Pack Of 4 - 35 gms each

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Bebe Burp’s quinoa arabic herb infused puffs are packed with nutrients that your baby needs to thrive. Quinoa contains a fair amount of iron and protein, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for heart health, calcium for strong bones, B vitamins for energy, magnesium for cell function, zinc for immune health, and the list goes on! Quinoa is an excellent replacement for rice and other whole grains. It provides double the protein per serving as wheat or brown rice, and as an added bonus, it boasts a full amino acid profile. If this isn't the right balance of fun and health, what else is? Try Bebe Burp’s Quinoa Arabic Herb Infused Puffs Now.