KRISS KROSS Crafted Gourmet Super Grain Mix Pouch

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Prepare yourself for the ultimate comfort desi snack that’s amazing and pretty whack. When you fix yourself a bowl of these bad boys you’ll forget fried chips ever existed! Brace yourselves for our very special Crafted Gourmet Super Grain Mix! Made with high quality ingredients grown in our lovely India, when you take a bite of our Super Grain Mix you are greeted with the wonderful flavours of corn flakes, daliya, nachni sev, rice flakes , jowar and wheat puffs and much more giving your taste buds the crafted gourmet experience of a lifetime! Our Super Grain Mix is best enjoyed when you’re watching a movie or while you’re travelling and feel your stomach growling. Order a pack of our Super Grain Mix today and get your daily dose of awesomeness fixed!