WigoEar Dog Ear Cleaner Cleaning Solution Cat, 100ml - Pet Antimicrobial Yeast Infection Solution Liquid - Vet Approved Lactic Acid Coconut Formulation

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WigoEar is a gentle antimicrobial cleanser that will prevent and protect your pet's ears from bacteria, yeast and fungi.

It eliminates ear odor, debris, cerumen, pus and heals all types of ear infections.

The vet-approved formulation is alcohol-free and is proven to be an effective treatment against allergic otitis externa.

Coconut oil is a natural antimicrobial that soothes the ear, keeps them moisturized & relieves them from constant itching.

Lactic acid and buffered salicylic acid have antibacterial & acidic properties that create an unfavorable environment for bacteria and fungi in the ears.