Amla Kand I Homemade by SukhMukh I Healthy - Mithas I Mukhwas I Mouth Freshener I 50 gm

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Amla Kand is an everyday after-meal dietary sweet made of sugar and rock salt. Amla is called the ‘Nectar of Life’ as it is a rich source of vitamin C and is consumed in the form of mukhwas (mouth freshener). It is eaten at the end of every meal in small quantities as it helps and enhances the digestion process. The raw amla is cut, boiled & soaked in sugar syrup, and then sun-dried. Its sweetness and texture give a chewy chocolate feel that makes it to your kids’ favourite. Amla Kand has no artificial sweetener or added colors, so it can be eaten by all age groups. It is a homemade sweet mukhwas prepared by Indian Women, bringing the taste of Rajasthani homes to your plates. Experience an ‘Authentic Rajasthani kick’ at the end of every meal with Sukhmukh’s Amla Kand