Mast Kalnadar I Homemade by SukhMukh I Healthy - Refreshment I Mukhwas I Mouth Freshener I 50 gm

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Mast Kalandar is a mix of key digestive ingredients that is consumed in the form of mukhwas (mouth freshener) at the end of every meal in small quantities as it helps and boosts the digestion process. Saunf is gently roasted in natural ghee to enhance its flavor in every bite & bits and is mixed with other ingredients. All the products are sourced in good quality and are carefully picked, prepared, processed, and packed in a very hygienic condition. Mint, supari and paan offer a lot of health benefits like preventing dry mouth, oral cavity, and has gallic fatty acid that strengthens gut activity. This simplest form of mukhwas is home prepared by Indian Women, who bring the taste of Rajasthan to your plates. Experience an 'Authentic Rajasthani kick' at the end of every meal with Sukhmukh's Mast Kalandar.