Naughty Aam I Homemade by SukhMukh I Healthy - Tasty I Mukhwas I Mouth Freshener I 50 gm

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Naughty Aam is a mouth-watering digestive mukhwas (mouth freshener) that is made of only raw mangoes. The raw mango is grated, mixed with salt & red chilli powder, and sun dried until it completely dries. Mangoes in general fasten the digestion process as it stimulates saliva secretion and is a visual appetizer. The mukhwas is home made by Indian Women, who brings the traditional taste of Rajasthan to your homes. Raw mangoes are rich in Vitamin A, reduces heat, helps balance cholesterol, and boosts your metabolism. Loaded with spices flavor, Naughty Aam has no artificial preservatives. It makes a fun and healthy snack for your kids. Experience an 'Authentic Rajasthani kick at the end of every meal with Sukhmukh's Naughty Aam.