Thandak Jeera I Homemade by SukhMukh I Healthy - Refreshment I Mukhwas I Mouth Freshener I 50 gm

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Thandak Jeera is a coolant mouth freshener (mukhwas) and a digestive snack. This coolant (thandak) & refreshing mukhwas is prepared by mixing jeera and black pepper with lemon juice and salt. When the lime flavor gets infused in jeera, the product becomes ready to get its sun bath. It is sun dried and the Thandak Jeera that is going to give chills to your mouth and stomach is then hygienically packed. The dry jeera seeds and black pepper are directly bought from framers and hand prepared by Indian Women, bringing the traditional Rajasthani flavors to your homes. Unlike other products, the mukhwas is not sugar-coated and so, jeera and black pepper don't lose their essence. Added sugar may seem tempting and tasty but that curbs all the benefits. Experience an 'Authentic Rajasthani kick' at the end of every meal with Sukhmukh's Thandak Jeera.