Fitease Healthy, High Protein, High Fibre, Cheese And Garlic Flavored Ready To Eat Oats, Quinoa Nutri Puff (60G_Pack Of 3)

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Fitease Nutri Puffs are simply irrestible and are going to be a regular in your diet not only because its lip-smacking tasty but also because it has goodness of several whole grains like quinoa, jowar, ragi, corn, semolina and seeds like amaranth and chia seeds. High on Protein, Fiber and energy, this is an ultimate healthy munch for your in-between meal intervals. This cheese and garlic flavoured Puffs will add a little spice and lots of crunchiness to your tea time and parties. This combo pack has 5 packs of 1 serving each. Use if for your Monday to Friday routine as a healthy replacement for cookies and fried snacks or namkeens