All Things I 55% Indian Dark Couverture Chef's Chocolate Chunks

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The cocoa grown by 71 small scale farmer families in the midst of the remote forest of Kaithapara, Kerala; intercropped with timber and fruit trees like teak, coconut, papaya, mango, and jack fruit but also with spices like black pepper, nutmeg, cashew and cardamom. With a total forest area of approx. 83,5km and 77 hectares of farming lands (organic) cultivated, this scenic wild forest offers ideal growing conditions for the complex, fruity, raisin, chocolatey and caramel beans, named Malabar forest. After fermenting in wild jack wood containers they are sun dried, sorted and selected before they reach us at our facility in Jaipur. Made from bean to chocolate at our small chocolate factory based out of Jaipur India, our chef’s chocolate is excellent for baking and recipes that require even melting. Untempered, unlike our chocolate bars it has a quicker melting point, making it perfect even for chocolate based drinks!
With light wooded notes it has hints of citrus, caramel and refreshing banana notes- highlighted only with raw cane sugar.