All Things Water I 64% Malabar Dark chocolate with Fleur De Sel

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Water is flow, like ripples of thought under bright light. The magic of sea dancing on sandy shores, bringing crystals of salt to life!

Made with an aromatic 64% Malabar dark chocolate and "Fleur de sel" or "Flower of the Salt", a luxurious, delicate salt that blooms, when the sun and wind are just right, from the calm blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean in Bali. A moist, crunchy addition, to our citrusy, oaky Malabar Forest blend the salt in this bittersweet bar makes it the perfect pairing of saline and sweet for you to eat. All Things Water is crafted with the finest Indian cacao beans, paired with ingredients that have been handpicked for you. Created from bean to bar at our small factory in Jaipur, India