Asban's Flaming Hot Bhiwapuri Red Chilli / Lal Mirchi Powder

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Asban’s Bhiwapur Red Hot Chilli Powder / Lal Mirch / Theeki Mirch - There are no additives, anti-caking chemicals, or, most importantly, salt in our product! Taste the difference in all of your recipes with all-natural, fresh, and high-quality spices. This smoky, slightly sweet blend of chili peppers and spices gives a deep rich flavor. The earthy, rich mix of our Red Chili Powder is just the right blend for spicing up chili, rubs, marinades, soups, stews and even bread. Our chili powder is made with whole chili peppers, so you’ll find a consistent great taste and aroma in every pack. How we find, plant, and harvest our herbs, spices, and extracts is driven by our passion. It's for this reason that we strive for carefully balanced seasoning blends. We work hard to obtain the best flavour so you may prepare the tastiest food possible. It's a noticeable difference. And we assure you that you will.