Bengal Gram Whole (Kala Chana) I I Say Organic I 1KG

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Kala Chana or Black Bengal Gram is super-chickpea - loaded with vitamins, amino acids, protein and fiber. This nutty, falvourful chana has very low GI (Glycemic Index), making it suitable for those looking to cut down their blood sugar levels. Full of healthy carbs and low in fat - this chana is a great addition to a fit diet! Have it in curries, soups or salads.
We source our chana from Hamirpur, U.P, where it is cultivated by a group of farmers who've worked really hard over the last decade to convert infertile, ravine land into an organic oasis :)

Foodie Tip! Kala chana is a great snack by itself - simply boil it, add lemon, salt, pepper and a bit of chili powder. Chop in tomatoes, onions and fresh coriander - your delicious bowl of healthy munchies is ready!