Fermented Chilli Chutney: Odd Fellows I 160G

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A burst of freshness and tang, the chilli chutney is our hottest fellow yet!
The perfect balance of sweet, sour, spice and umami, this chutney uses the microbes to accentuate the flavour profile of our Kashmiri Chillies, Starfruit and Indian herbs.
A gut-friendly chutney that is free of all preservatives, artificial flavours and sugars, yet has a great shelf-life. All thanks to the preserving properties of fermentation.

The benefits this brings include:
1. Better absorption of food
2. Richer diversity of gut microbiome
3. Improved brain health
4. Vitamins B, C and K.


Red Indian chillies, onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric, spices, herbs, sea salt, amrak (starfruit).