Hibiscus Tea (Tisane) I The Infused Kettle

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Size: 50G

If you’re caffeine sensitive, or simply looking for a blend to enliven your spirit, you’re in for a treat. ‘Tisane’ is the French word for ‘brewed herbal infusion’ which has long been a staple in the kitchen. For those who believe in upholding holistic health on the rise, Tisane is a charming alternative to regular tea. Keeping floral plants, fruits, and medicinal leaves as the base for the blend, our tea purists have beautifully laid a range of appealing flavors here while the aroma springs to the senses. Crafty!

Colour: A wondrous assemblage of a variety of colors.

Aroma: Sweet, Fruity, Flowery aroma with a touch of tartness in the fragrance.

Flavor: The slightly fruity flavor is adorned with the freshness of flowers while continued sweetness diffuses all over the tongue and a little bit of an earthy note acts as an aftertaste.