Moonlight Strawberry Tea I The Infused Kettle

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Size: 50G

The beauty of Moonlight Strawberry lies in its exclusive plucking technique that dates back to the time when farming happened without the awareness of the calendar. Our skilled pluckers wait till the leaves are withered under natural moonlight. This way, the bark of bushes produces extra sap turning the leaves succulent & fresh, with one side black, and the other side white, just like the moon at night. The twist of strawberry makes it a relief drink for cramps and pain.

How does it feel?

First Impression

A greenish-reddish mix.

Feeling The Aroma

Smells as divine as fresh roses & strawberries in a garden for those who love things natural.

Taking Tasting Notes

A sweet, full-bodied, and nurturing taste of white tea & strawberries with a tint of rosy notes.