Barosi: Multi Floral Honey I 250G

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Honey has been used since decades across civilization to improve immunity. Daily consumption of it does wonders to the immunity system. Barosi's Multi-Floral Raw Honey is natural and authentic, it engages old techniques of honey extraction, the cruelty free way which means taking honey after bees have had their complete share of honey.

Start your day with Barosi’s authentic Multi-Floral Raw Honey. This unprocessed raw honey is sustainably collected in the free ranges of India, where flowering trees and plants grow in abundance. Loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, this multi floral honey is the perfect replacement to harmful sweeteners like refined sugar. Couple it with your breakfast or desserts and enjoy guilt-free pleasures of life.

  • 100% natural, raw and unprocessed
  • Sourced from Wild bee’s honey collectors
  • Adulterants and Chemical-free
  • With intact natural nutrients and flavors.