Nutriorg Certified Organic Poha 1kg ( Pack of 2)

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The much loved Indian breakfast cooked in all households is completely Organic
and has been packed with goodness of all its properties. Poha is the most popular
name for this cereal variant but it is known by varied names across the country
such as Flattened Rice or Rice Flakes etc. It is made by parboiling paddy and then
drying it out in the sun for a few hours. After this the dried product is beaten flat
to make poha. The finished product undergoes fermentation and thus retains the
microbial flora from the partially digested carbohydrates and proteins thus
preserving the good gut bacteria. Hence it is amazingly healthy for the gut. Poha
can be cooked in various combinations and the recipe varies from region to
region. The traditional recipe is the most revered of all which brings out every
flavor very intricately. But apart from being tasty it is an incredibly healthy cereal
option making it perfect for breakfast. Poha is extremely easy to cook and gets
cooked instantly and is quite an economic yet nutritious meal option.