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It’s one of the rarest types of coffee. Connoisseurs treasure it for its delicacy. And it is neither a pea nor a berry. This is a Peaberry!

Coffee beans grow within fruits called cherries; when ripe, they turn a vibrant red. Most of the time, the cherry contains two seeds that grow side-by-side. These are typical coffee beans. Growing together within the fruit, they develop that shape that you’re familiar with, with a flat side and a domed side.

About 5-10% of the time, however, only one seed grows within the cherry, possibly due to only one ovule being pollinated. These single beans are called peaberries.

Altitude: 1250 mt

Roast: Medium Roast

Coffee Notes: Sourced from select coffee estate in Karnataka these peaberry coffee beans impart bright acidity, sweetness, complex flavors than their counterparts with thin body and deliciously lingering floral aftertaste.