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One of the most commonly found dals in the country, Arhar Dal or Pigeon Pea (split) is easy to cook with and is loaded with health benefits. It's one of the main ingredients found in the most common "yellow" dal dishes in India - Dal Tadka & Dal Fry. You can find this dish in a roadside dhaba or a 7 star hotel - loved by thousands. Arhar Dal is loaded with Potassium, Magnesium, essential Vitamins, Iron and Fiber. It helps keep our metabolism going, gives us energy minus the "bad"fat, and strengthens our immunity! We source our dal from Hamirpur, U.P, where it is cultivated by a group of farmers who've worked really hard over the last decade to convert infertile, ravine land into a chemical free oasis :)

Fact! Arhar Dal has a high amount of Folic Acid, making this a great diet-addition for Pregnant ladies.