Rum Flavoured Tea I The Infused Kettle

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Size: 50G

A non-alcoholic blend of rum, only infused into black tea that satiates your taste buds wanting some Rum, without the side effects of alcohol. The smooth yet rich blend of Rum flavour stays throughout, only later do you realise it’s tea and not Rum! Suitable for infusing and drinking at night, while you’re celebrating an occasion, or just usual. A blend that is perfect for a memorable experience.

How does it feel?

First Impression

A woodsy brown, just like that of Rum.

Feeling The Aroma

An olfactory delight with fragrant notes of Rum.

Taking Tasting Notes

A distinct taste of sweetness with a hint of woodsy smoky flavour, just like the real Rum. An aftertaste of black tea is an enhancer.