Sippin' Mojito Cocktail Mix- 8 Drink Pack

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Pack of 8: Makes 8 drinks. 8 sachets * 10g each. 

Sorry, Bond Community, but who cares about shaken or stirred. We make Sippin’ on this quintessential cocktail as easy as A,B,C, so mix it up however you want.

The fresh overtones of mint leaves and the zesty twang of lemons all in one packet. An evergreen flavor, our Mojito mix is handy for any occasion that calls for a drink.

Snip, stir and keep everyone Sippin’!

The Bartender Says: Mojitos and white rum is a match made in heaven, but you can also use vodka to please the Sippaholic in you.

Mocktailers: Virgin Mojitos are an age old tradition that you can uphold by adding the mix to soda or water.