Urban Platter Cheese Balls I 300g

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1) Wait What? Did we hear Vegan Cheese Balls? Urban Platters perfectly plant based cheese balls are one of a kind and are here to fulfil all your current cheesy cravings and relive your childhood nostalgia with their beautiful taste!
2)Made with vegan cheddar cheese, you can feel the cheese melt in your mouth before you gulp it down.
3) This jumbo sized jar is going to be your best buddy because well, when you eat cheese balls, you eat cheese balls. So enjoy your new midnight movie partner, Netflix companion, party saving snack & fancy date night meal [Yes, wine & cheese balls is the perfect combination].
4) So how many cheese balls are too many cheese balls? Perfect companion for you but also to show someone how much you love them. Send over this fun sized jar and trust us they’ll know!
5) Urban Platter - Simply Good Food! :)

Nutritional Info:

Serving size 30g
ENERGY(KAL): 460Kacl,
Carbohydrates: 65g, 24%
Protein:6g 12%
Fats: 19g, 24%
SFA : 9g 45%
Dietry fibre: 2g 7%
Vitami C: 8.35mg
Iron: 3.48mg
Calcium: 103mg
Potasium: 407mg
phosphorus: 55mg
Sodium: 5000mg 217%