Urban Platter Rolled Oats I 1Kg

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1) Rolled Oats are higher in protein and healthy fats, and lower in carbohydrates than most other whole grains. They contain more soluble fiber than any other grain.
2) Oats contain more than 20 unique polyphenols, which have strong anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-itching properties. They also have the best amino acid balance of all cereal grains. 3)Not only are oats an excellent source of dietary fiber, they also reduce serum cholesterol levels in the body. 4) Make Porridge, Oats smoothie, Oats protein bar and many more healthy Stuff!! 5) Urban Platter - Simply Good Food! :)


Rolled Oats.

Nutritional Info:

100gmEnergy (kcal)409, Protein (g)11.3, Total Carbohydrate (g)67.4, Sugar 2.0(g)Total Fat 10.5(g) Saturated Fat 2.0 (g)Trans Fat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Total Dietary Fiber 10.0(g), Soluble fibre 3.8(g)Insoluble 6.2(g)Iron 2.08(mg)Magnesium 57.0(mg)Selenium 9.5(mg)Sodium 1.5(mg)Zinc (mg)